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Welcome to the NXT WIKI

Nxt is an open source second generation blockchain that provides tools for a decentralized financial platform. Coded in Java completely from scratch, Nxt was the first currency to rely purely on proof-of-stake for consensus.

Nxt Software

  • NRS (Nxt Reference Software)
    • Latest Version: 1.10.2
    • Download: Multi-platform .ZIP - Windows Installer - Mac Installer
    • SHA256: (Multi-platform .ZIP)
    (source: Developers Release) - How to verify SHA256 checksums
  • Nxt Source Code
  • Nxt Software Change Log
  • Alternative Clients

Get Support: Nxt Support Center   |   Nxt Forum

About Nxt

Services and Tools

  • MyNxt - Nxt online wallet and blockchain explorer.
  • PeerExplorer - Nxt network explorer, charts and API. Provides current Nxt blockchain download.
  • NxtPortal - Lightweight blockchain explorer and monitor.
  • NxtInfo - Toolbox and NXT Faucet.
  • Jay Framework - Lite client, web wallet and development utilities. Check also the Jones Portal for Nxt Codestuffs.

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