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The account control feature will implement a number of methods for applying limits and controls on Nxt accounts. Features include:

  • setting a lock on an account to prohibit any outgoing transactions
  • defining a set of rules for unlocking the account

Brainstorming Bitcointalk


The account control feature will allow a user to set a "lock" on an account which prohibits any outgoing transactions until certain conditions are met. Account control options may include:

  • Blocking some or all coins from spending, which would restrict the transmission of coins, aliases, assets, or any combination of these
  • Defining a duration period for these blocks
  • Allowing accounts to only send coins to a specified account
  • Specifying that outgoing transactions are only possible during certain hours of the day
  • Scheduling a transaction for a specified date in the future
  • Combining any of the above settings

These features present some interesting account usage scenarios:

  • tagging an account as a "savings" account, with no ability to send Nxt
  • using a locked account as an "escrow" account
  • limiting the ability to transfer assets or aliases from an account
  • setting a "spending limit" on an account, e.g. 100Nxt/day

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