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Coin Shuffling is a privacy feature which enables users to mix their funds quickly and efficiently with other users' funds by creating a random mapping between the existing user accounts and a new recipient accounts provided by the users.

This guide describes the Coin Shuffling feature, active on the Mainnet since block 621,000. It is based on the the primary documentation found here. Usage examples apply to the Nxt Client Interface.

Table of Contents

Shuffling Menu

Coin Shuffling is accessed by clicking on Shuffling in the left-pane menu area of the Nxt Client Interface, causing a submenu to appear:

Shuffling: This item expands or contracts the submenu below and opens the Active Shufflings page which lists the active shufflings.
Active Shufflings: This item displays a list of all Active Shufflings.
My Shufflings: This item displays all the shufflings in which the current account participates.
Create Shuffling: This item opens a pop-up entry form for creating a new shuffling as described in Create Shuffling.

Active Shufflings Page

  • Shuffling clicking on a shuffling link in the Shuffling column opens a detail pop-up which displays details about the shuffling state and the list of senders and recipients in case the shuffling is complete.
  • Stage displays the current stage of the shuffling process.
  • Holding shows the type of holding used for shuffling asset, currency or nxt.
  • Amount is the common amount to shuffle specified in the holding unit.
  • Blocks Remaining is the number of blocks until shuffling is cancelled unless the required information necessary for the shuffling to advance to the next stage is provided.
  • Participants shows the existing number of shuffling registrants and the number of required registrants in order for shuffling processing to begin.
  • Assignee represents account who last updated the shuffling or the account which needs to specify the next piece of data.
  • Status displays 'join' in case the user is still not registered for the shuffling or the shuffler status in case the user has registered.

My Shufflings Page

  • First columns are similar to the active shufflings page.
  • The Shuffler, Recipient and State columns represent the status of the Shuffler component which manages the shuffling process for the current account and shuffling.

Create Shuffling Modal

  • Create a new Shuffling.
  • Holding Type is the token used by the shuffling. NXT, Asset id or Currency name.
  • Amount the common amount used by all shuffling participants, specified in the holding token.
  • Register Until shuffling registration deadline. If required number of participants do not register by this block height the shuffling is cancelled and all funds are returned without fine.
  • Participant Count number of registrants required to trigger the shuffling.

Start Shuffler Modal

  • Start the shuffler process on the current node to coordinate the shuffling
  • Recipient Passphrase the passphrase of the recipient account for your shuffling participant. Do not lose this passphrase since it is the passphrase to your shuffled funds.
  • Recipient Account account id derived from the recipient passphrase (read only field).
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