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Installing the Nxt Software on Mac OS X

Before you begin

Very important: you must have the latest version of Java on your computer in order to run Nxt. If you do not, everything will seem fine until you get an ugly error about an "unsupported major/minor version", which will cause you to get upset and post unnecessarily on the support forums, and we don't want that! Get Java here (Make sure you download "Java SE Development Kit" for "Mac OS X x64"!)


Installation Instructions

NOTE: These instructions have been tested on MacOS X versions 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9

  1. Download the latest Nxt Software from
  2. Unzip the client file by double-clicking it. This will expand the zip file into a folder called "nxt".
  3. NXT requires Oracle Java version 1.7. If you already have Oracle Java 1.7 installed, you may skip to step 4. If you want to check your Java version before proceeding, here's how:
    • Open Terminal, and type "java -version" at the prompt. If your output looks like what you see below, you can proceed to Step 4. If not, proceed to the next bullet point.


    • If your output is any different (Java version 1.6 or lower), download JDK version 1.7 from and install it by double-clicking on the .dmg file after it is downloaded.


    • After installation, type the following at a Terminal prompt:
      export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home


    • To make this change permanent on your system, append that same command to the end of ~./bash_profile by entering this command at the Terminal prompt:

      echo "JAVA_HOME=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home" >> ~/.bash_profile

  4. In Terminal, change directory to the folder of your Nxt software. For example, cd /Applications/nxt. If you are not sure of the path to your Nxt folder, you can type 'cd' in the terminal and drag and drop the Nxt folder in the terminal window.
  5. Start Nxt by entering:
    • The Nxt server will start. Wait until it has successfully started, as indicated by a line in the server window similar to this:
      Nxt server 1.1.3 started successfully.
  6. Open in your browser and you should see the Nxt Client login page.
    NxtWallet start small.png
  7. Your next step is creating a Nxt account! See this page for instructions on how to do that.


  • You have questions. We have answers. Be sure to read the FAQ !
  • You may also want to try Wesley's Nxt Wallet for Mac, which you can download and install in just a couple of clicks!