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Also see our Tools page for additional resources for working with Nxt!

Nxt sites

  • Nxt Community Information
  • NxtForum: Nxt Forum
  • Italian forum
  • Chinese site for Nxt
  • Ukrainian/Russian site about Nxt
  • Reddit has a Nxt subreddit

Nxt Asset Exchange

  • NXTinfo offers different analytical tools for AE investors
  • AE Charts and tables in
  • Crypto Asset Charts creates charts for assets traded on decentralized markets
  • NxtDex Directory of Nxt-related assets, shops and services
  •'s Nxt Asset Directory

Nxt Alias System

  • Nxt Alias browser and url shortener

Source code

  • Nxt Source Code Repository

Development projects and teams

  • Marketing Fund Committee Forum
  • Infrastructure Fund Committee Forum
  • Technical Development Fund Committee Forum


  • Server:; channel #nxtalk

Nxt services

NOTE: Links to services on this site DO NOT constitute an endorsement of any kind. Use these resources at your own risk!


Tools for exploring the blockchain: looking up accounts, transactions, and more.

  • blockchain explorer

Charts & Stats

  • (NXT/BTC)
  • Nxt Statistics (via Blockchain Explorer)
  • Nxt Market Data (via Blockchain Explorer)


  • Poloniex (NXT/BTC, NXT/USDT, NXT/XMR)
  • Bittrex (NXT/BTC)
  • BTC38 (NXT/CNY
  • HitBTC (NXT/BTC)

Gaming sites

  • (Casino; accepts many cryptocurrencies including Nxt)
  • Nxt slot machine
  • Nxt coinflip
  • Nxt Schrödinger's Cat Game

Forging Pools

Want better luck forging? Combine your balance with other people's, and split the rewards! Requires that you trust the pool owner not to run off with all your coins.

  • Multi-pools that allow you to mine other profitable alt-coins, and take your payouts in Nxt:


Faucets will give small amounts of Nxt for free!


Vanity generators

Tools for generating Nxt account numbers that contain specific digits or patterns of digits.

  • nxtuser's vanity generator (Windows-only; command-line utility; source code not available, so use at your own risk)
  • Jean-Luc's vanity generator (written in Java; command-line utility; source code available here)

Node operator services

These are links intended to make managing public nodes easier!

  • (for generating a random list of well-known peers you can put in your file)
  • provides information and statistics on public servers that are running Nxt
  • nxtcoinbox offers a simple shell script for setting up and deploying a node on a Linux server

Other Tools

  • - sign up to receive email every time a transfer is made to or from your Nxt account

Nxt information

  • Google map of Nxt server nodes all over the world
  • thread on Nxt
  • Nxt Buying/Selling thread
  • Nxt bounty thread
  • Nxt giveaway thread
  • Nxt API thread
  • Nxt downloads archive (just archives of old software versions; no descriptions or instructions. Don't download anything if you don't know what it is!)

From here, you may want to learn more about Nxt tools, the Nxt client, read our FAQ, or look at common problems and resolutions!

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