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Main Nxt Forum Resources

  • Nxt Forum
  • Nxt Official Thread in Bitcointalk
  • Forum

Nxt Development

  • NRS Software Releases Board
  • NRS Development Roadmap Updates
  • Information about the Automated Transactions Project
  • Asset Exchange Board of Discussion
  • Transparent Forging Board of Discussion
  • Alias System Board of Discussion
  • Multigateway Status Reports
  • Nxt Subatomic-Atomic Transactions
  • Digital Goods Store Information
  • Encrypted Messages Discussion

Nxt Marketing and Design

  • Nxt Global Corporate Design Discussion
  • How can you help to Nxt promotion?

Nxt Projects

  • Nxt Projects Board

Nxt Fund Committees

  • Nxt Marketing Fund Committee Board (Marketing Completed Applications)
  • Nxt Infrastructure Fund Committee Board
  • Nxt Technical Development Fund Committee Board (Technical Development Applications)
  • Nxt Improvement Proposals Board

Old Forum Links

  • Index to Nxt Threads on Bitcointalk started in 2013
  • Index to Nxt Threads on Bitcointalk started between January and March 2014
  • Periodical Bitcointalk Summaries Jan-Mar 2014 by Damelon