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The Nxt Infrastructure Committee (infCom) would like to put out a public request for papers on aspects of NXT network security.

Deadline: 24 May 2014

The papers should address the following from both a general P2P and a specifically NXT perspective:

  • An analysis/description of the NXT P2P network architecture and the communication within.
  • Attacks that could be conducted on Nxt infrastructure (the NXTwork), identification methods and countermeasures that could be used against them, including :
    • DoS
    • Sybil
    • Poisoning
    • Eclipse
    • Tracking
    • Node Spoofing and any other relevant attack vectors.

InfCom will be rewarding two bounties for submitted papers, the bounties will be somewhere between 10-20,000 NXT per paper.

If you have any questions, post on this thread or contact one of the InfCom members via PM.

As inspiration: