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Il "Transparent Forging" permette al client di qualsiasi utente di determinare chi genererà il prossimo blocco, così facendo sarà possibile inviare le transazioni direttamente a quel nodo. Questo permette anche di definire delle transazioni prioritarie/immediate al costo di tasse aggiuntive sulle transazione.

An equally important feature of Transparent Forging is an outstanding security feature of the protocol to temporarily reduce to zero the forging power of accounts who should generate the next block but don't. This transparent forging feature will prevent against even a 90% majority owner of all NXT branching out and forcing a fork. So if an account has 90% of all Nxt and doesn't generate a block when scheduled, the system will reduce its mining power to zero temporarily to prevent a bad fork from being forced.

Leggi la descrizione del Transparent Forging da parte di Come-from-Beyond sul forum di

Implementing transparent forging in a client, using the Nxt API

(source: Come-from-Beyond)

  1. Do http://localhost:7876/nxt?requestType=getState to get value of "lastBlock"
  2. Do http://localhost:7876/nxt?requestType=getBlock&block=10621696942372068326 (assuming 10621696942372068326 is the value of "lastBlock")
  3. Convert "generationSignature" into binary, and append the public key bytes returned by getAccountPublicKey
  4. Calculate SHA256 (generationSignature, publicKey)
  5. The first 8 bytes of this value, as an unsigned long in little-endian notation, is the "HIT" value
  6. The value of "baseTarget", multiplied by the effective balance of the account, is STATIC_TARGET
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each active account, and find the one with lowest HIT/STATIC_TARGET ratio. This account will forge the next block

Domande frequenti (FAQ)

Domande sul transparent forging sono trattate nella sezione FAQ dedicata al forging.

Data di rilascio

Gli elementi fondamentali di questa funzionalità sono stati implementati inizialmente con il blocco 30,000 nel client 0.4.8. Per ora, il Transparent Forging non è completamente implementato.

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