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A vanity account generator is a tool that be can used to find Nxt account numbers containing specific patterns of digits that you specify. Normally it is impossible to predict the account number you'll get, since your passphrase will generate a "random" account number. Tools like these try different passphrases until they find account numbers with novel patterns of digits in them. You can use these tools to find a secret passphrase that will give you account numbers like "123494964321", "11185933008453111", "10000023973246", and more. The more specific you are about the account number you want, the longer it will take for the tool to find a passphrase that works. Specifying an exact account number could take these tools 10 years or more to find a possible password, so it's better to specify a pattern of 2 or 3 digits.

Currently available vanity generators are: